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Sumit Bhagra
& Vishal Bhatia
Anti-Laloo Zone

What is happenning in bihar should put any
right thinking indian to shame. biggest
irony is with present kind of political
coalitions, even those people in power
who are right thinking are also not able
to do anything.

i at times wonder ... were all the teachings
of our parents, elders were wrong !!!! is
really the system wrong or there is some pro
blem with me !!!

anything is being done in the name of democr
acy, law etc...

high time we thought about some fundamental
change in the system... this change may not
necessarily have a very socialistic appeal.

let's wipe out these lalloo's from the face
of earth....


Ee bahenchod laloo yadav kaun hai saala? Aur uski ee saali gharwali koi CM-VM'wa hai kaa? Arre laat maar ke bhagao saali janani ko... jananiyon ka kaam hai ghar sambhalna aur bachche paida karna. Ee saali nauve bacche paida kar ke retire ho gayee kaa? Aur ee janani kaa jane des ko chalana? Arre bahenchod, oo bade badon kahava ke gayeen -- stree buddhi vinash kaleen, saala magaj me nahin ghusat hai kaa?

Nikalo saala ee chutiya anpadh gawaron ko kursi se... in haramzadon ko to saala goli se udaa dena chahiye. Arre madarchod, ee rabari se to dudh dene waali gaiya bhi behtar CM ban sakti hai... aur saali gaiya ke dudh se asli rabri to banaaye sakte hain...

Karapsun (Corruption) to aisi cheez hai ki kaa batayen ram ram... saala bhikmange ke jaisa kar diya hai acche bhale logan ka. Kutte jaise mara hua kutta ko khaane ke liye daudte hain saala, ee politician log bhi waise do takka ke liye apne aap ko bechat hain. Do kaudi ke log bhi nahin rahe hain, ee harami saale.

Aur kaun mai ka lal saala ee internaat winternaat ka page'wa khol ke baitha saala? Chutiya hai kaa? Aisa nahin lagat hai kaa ki saala hamar lalluwa akela nahin nai? Saala oo deve ghoda, oo gujral, oo narsimha rao'wa, ee kaa bahut pavitra log hain kaa? Arre bahenchod, hamar ko ek aisa saala poltisan dikhaaiye naa, jo saala karupt nahin hai...

Ee desva me bahut saala oo kaa kahat hain brilliant log hain. Arre bahenchod, ham ka hi lei lijiye naa... hamre office ma saala is des ka supercomputer banawat hain... Param naam rakkhen hai saala oo dabbe ka. Aur saala, jo log gaddi pe hain, oo des ka paisa kha ke mote ho rahe hain, aur oo Param dabba saala chalat bhi nahiin hai naa!

Aur saala Laloo aur uski harami jaati (karupt jaati) ke logan ki wajah se aaj ee deswa gandi naali ban gawa hai... aur ham saale gandi naali ke keede...

Bahenchod, ee situasun (situation) ka sudharne ke liye ekahee upaay hai... goli se udaa do saalon haramzadon, soowar aur kuttiya ke auladon ka. Saala des ka puplasun (population) to kam huibe kari...

lalloo is the best person in indian politics i have seen so far ..... hang him without a trial ...he is responsible for bihar as it is today .....better still why waste a rope ...dump him in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laloo, a great warrier in the modern 'Kaliyuga'. He fought for the country during emergency days. Wel! he struggled (?) with his wife to produce dozens of kids (quoted by Laloo, during one of his interviews; "Hum, emergency ka protest me, buchche paida kiye"). Both of them deserve 'Padmavibhushana'; whereas people like us are bent upon spoiling his name. What is wrong if in anger of not being honoured, he takes bribe of multi-million rupees. Didn't we allow Harshad Mehta to escape and switch his operations to Calcutta. Did we not allow Phoolan to be elected as MP, then what is wrong with Laloo's wife becoming CM. Only difference here is Phoolan killed people earlier; whereas Laloo's wife produced more and now given a chance will kill more...Poor Rabri; we will never be able to connect her to any scandals. You will never find her signature on any documents.. It is good to have illterate CM, she will never give any written instructions or never she will sign any documents. We should admire Laloo, for taking such precautionary measures...
At last we shouldnot be surprised, to see Laloo's kids becoming chief ministers of all the remaining states and Laloo himself "Prime President (?)" of the country....


The way lallo is playing with the democracy in india ia a shameful act. These typoe of politicians must be shot at site to death. In the name of helping poor they are looting the innocent people of india. Itis shame on central government not to act to the corruption issue. Shame on Gujral shame on lallo(they are any way shameless creatures worth to be butchered).

I am bit surprised about the new XXXcracy evolving in India. The new syndrome is aptly referred to as wifocracy.

Wifocracy - state in which wives rule the state after the husbands go to jails.

Let me enumerate a few qualification to become a CM in India.

* He should have either a criminal record or at least a scam to his credit.

* should be a wife to continue the legacy of scams and fodder.

* State should maintain a band exclusive to give a pompous farewell to the outgoing CM to the so-called jail and to hail the incoming Mrs CM.

* State should construct and maintain a Posh Bungalow for the CM to be sent to jail. The Inmate to this so called jailed have all the comforts.
-He can travel as he likes in the state zorder-security and fleet of favorite buffaloes.
-He can order fodder of his choice(desi/videsi).
-Needs a cow-shed to keep his fellow buffaloes.
-Courts should me moved to cow sheds for sanctity purposes.
-He can organize Buffaloe Sammelan.
-need a artifical dirty lake for spending time in leisure time.
these are to name a few.

In U.S , India is referred to be a land of corruption. Of course no Indian denies the fact but the new wave of legacy and Buffaloes is hard to digest.

Laloo created waves in U.S during his visit. I feel they are going to ban infiltration of any more buffaloes from the state of bihar. A few more of laloos will seal the fate of the nation and the fate of the people who are bound to India.

Bihar has really lived upto the expectations of many. Bahensoh ka rhastra( Land Of buffalloes). Bihar is going to be Hallmark of India- The state with the largest buffalo population.

Kuthe ka dhoom teda hi rahegi.

long live Bahensoah ka raaj.

We all understand that L' a Loo had to GO and IT was kind of Urgent. While condemning his actions let us not forget that he has only inherited this legacy from our late leaders a la Nehru - Indira - Rajiv and (could be Sonia). Not to Forget NTR and Parvathy and a host of others. This is not something new. India is Nepotism.
Par Laloo susra to hud hi kar diya.

It would be outrageous to call him the 'god of bihar', he is perhaps much more than that. What most of his critics dont realise is the fact that he is the keeper of Indian culture and preserver of its marvelous history. After all India was a land of kings and kingdom. Also the recent incident of his wifes takeover symbolizes the epitome of culture and values. I hope she will not disappoint the supporters of sati-pratha. It is a shame that we are putting a man like that behind the bars. He deserves a royal treatment like the kings of old times (I guess they used to throw 'em to the lions). F**K LALOO, EAT RABRI :)

It's really shamefull for us and for Indiao too
that the persons like Mr. Laloo always find some
ways or some loopholes to save their power.
Democracy should'nt be like that everyone can mold it according to himself.

Hum Bihar Ka CM huun... Rabri Hamri Patni Hai!! Vonay!!

Vinay Chaudhry


Why only Laloo? Are you forgetting Sharad Y, Jaylalitha, Sukh Ram, ... (You know list just continues!). Don't you remember Bofors, Urea Scam, Fodder Scam, Harshad Mehata, ...

Once upon a time there was a Lal - Lal Bahadur. There were many people who devoted their life to get freedom. I think we have not got freedom yet. We have just changed our rulers. We need to start again. Let me ask you all, those who are seated on their desktop computers and writing comments on Laloo - How many times have you even cast your vote? Most of you who are on the net and sitting out side India, How many times have you bribed the custom officers when you took VCR or Sound System for your family or friends?

I think we should blame people who are educated, who can see what is happening but they are keeping their mouth shut. What is the use of education? Why people like laloo are getting elected? It is very easy to blame someone. In typical Indian mentality you thing that If you are blaming someone then you are
1. proving that you are great and
2. you did everything possible.
I will say that this "Impotency" of all the educated people is responsible for the downfall of our country.

There is Laloo in every politician of today. I will not rate anyone better than Laloo. Our battle should aim at cleaning corruption from the roots. I will thank Laloo for giving all of us inspiration to start our battle. I hope it does not stop now and we all netters should come to-gether and start something long-term and something with proper direction.


I think by this way atleast we should become independent in expressing our feelings(After 50 years of independence!!!).

Sometimes I really feel why we got independence. People like lallo is taking such a hasty decission and so many people are listening to that. I feel really ashamed of Bihar RJP MLAs who are supporting him/his wife. Poor Rabira devi......
Having such a nice politicians in India, We are allowing people like Lallo to come to power.....
Ashamed of Bihar people....

My favourate till now....Going going buddy..

-Vishal Bhatia

Hi all,

I am back with my poison pen... errr... keyboard.
Actually, after my earlier yap session, I was not planning to write anything any further. Laloo, and politicians in general are what they are, corrupt, spineless, uneducated, selfish, near sighted sub humans. However, this mail by Santosh (Pradhan?) has incited me into another outburst.

This forum is beginning to take the look of a regular newsgroup, and it is interesting to see so many people raising their voices in protest. Santosh is right about one thing -- all we Indians are corrupt. Perhaps it is that we have grown from stark poverty, (or some other reason), but we seem to have an instinctive liking for shirking taxes, duties, and the like. He is accurate about educated NR Indians coming for visits to India, and smuggling in sound systems and cameras.

The phenomenon seems universal with Indians. And I feel that this is because we Indians are basically, fundamentally, intellectually corrupt. We ourselves have brains which need effort to think honestly, rationally. Sadly, while we can cure any form of corruption, intellectual corruption can never be cured. Never, as in, not by simple means. We need drastic action. For instance, let me suggest a measure. I is drastic, it is bold: Shoot anybody if he is corrupt. Even if he takes a paisa of bribery, shoot him or her. It is easy to see that this will result in blood, in a fear pshychosis that will soon eradicate corruption. What is your reaction to this? Assume I am the sole King of India, and this is my order. Assume that your father is caught accepting a bribe, and your wife's father, offering it. And tomorrow I am going to shoot them. Your natural, de facto reaction will be to "save" these two corrupt men. You will be willing to offer some money in return for their lives. Do you see my point? Taking a strong step to remove corruption will actually cause you to abandon your lofty goals of a corruption free country, and seek personal gain. You want strong steps, but you are too weak minded to

This bastard once said :
Jab tak Samose mein aaloo rahega
Tab tak Bihar mein Laloo rahega

Now people will find Rabri also in those Samose.

Hi, first of all I would like to congratulate you (who thought of this issue on web page). For the years now I think India has seen many families ruling almost without any knowledge of ABC of politics, some came flying aircrafts, some even came because they are just a widow of former PM/CM. But appointment of Rabri as a CM is the worst case I can ever think of in the Indian history. How can somebody be a CM of a state without any background or knowledge besides milking cows and etc.... I think this is the right time to make some changes in our consitution and restrict this kind of people from becoming head of the state. Also I am waiting to hear that for the first time former CM is sentenced for 10+ years for cheating. The worst thing of this whole issue is not that Rabri was appointed as a CM, but who supported her in proving majority in the parliament- Congress-I. Congress-I has once again proved that they believe in ruling any part of India by only one family and they themselves (so called party leaders/workers)
have no guts.

Laloo-The Asshole of Bihar(AoB)

First of all the outdated law should be done away with. Even if a person is elected to power by the majority, that does not mean that this uloo of a laloo can do whatever he likes. The law should be changed to the following:

1.Politicians(leaders) should be given twice the punishment for a similar crime as that given to any common man. Because he/she is supposed to lead others in doing good.

2. No criminal/ex-convict should ever be allowed to join any party. If that happens the party should be banned.

3. If the leader of the party himself is arrested on charges of corruption, governor's rule should be imposed in that state.

4. All govt. servants should be made accountable for their actions and be dismissed if necessary. The situation is that we have to bribe them for them to do their work.

5. Since we are all like minded guys wanting to improve the state of our beloved motherland, I think that some sort of revolution has to take place in India (militant or otherwise). The law of the gun has to be effected against the corrupt and unsociable elements of our society. If all of us were to form an organization and contribute a regular dollar amount, our organization will have enough money to hire mercinaries to do our job or help purchase arms for the right guys. The dollars in the hands of the right guy can work wonders. Until this happens I do not forsee any bright future for our motherland.

Those who share my views, please write me.

Vande Mataram!

well, we all condemn Laloo. I do too. But, the whole system is screwed up. Nobody, absolutely nobody complained when lete Rajeev Gandhi was made the Prime Minister. Of course, he was educated, but compare a CM with PM.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not with Laloo, but why blame him, why not his party, and CONGRESS party who actually VOTED for Rabri Devi (or, whatever her name is).

worse part is, we'll forget it very soon.

oh, well, whatever.....

It's yet another scam , and peole are used to it now . We have our backbones broken long time back , so it's not a big issue . The only interesting part is that of Raabri being the CM . This , I think is unprecedented in Indian history also . But , as we know , it's a land of surprises and 33 crores of gods and goodesses , so anything can happen anytime .

I think , one fine morning , I will see the sun rising in the west for India only .
You know , now it's time for anything to happen . And leading a revolution cannot be only a speech , or a writing in a newpaaper . Any on eof us can speak lengths on actual freedom and discipline and honesty and what not ; but when it actually comes to doing it , no one comes forward .
I strongly feel that only a sweepout of a generation by a disaster can help India now .


Take it easy man....

-Vishal Bhatia

Laloo jaise gandu, motherchod kutte ,suar ko to uski gadhi jaisei phanto rabadi devi ke sath
khada kar ke goli mar deni chahiye. Kam se kam ek achacha kaam to ho jayega.

Dear Readers:

It is enough of Laloo. Basically it is a fault of Indian educated society. On one side our country is celebrating of 50 year of freedom and after 50 years we still have CM in Bihar who can not read or write. GREAT PROGRESS. News media in INDIA is not open. They are scared of this corrupt politicia. I think news media should openly asked the question to all politician and make them feel like they are hungry dog. During the election time all politican say we belive in GANDHIJI, but after that they kills his idea. Thanks god that Gandhiji is not alive otherwise he regreat and was tell himself why I ask for independence..I think India president should hang Laloo and all corupt politician

Where do I begin? Yes, I am disgusted with the corruption the country has, I am frustrated when at every step you take forward there are people demanding 'a small fee', (and we scream our throats hoarse about the beggars on the roadside pestering you for a few much different is that chief minister whom you asked you for 10 lakhs when you were starting a factory, organising a 'michael Jackson show', eating, sleeping ....doing what should have been yours to do..) And when someone does it out there in the open defying all known or accepted norms of society as we call ourselves, we create the anti laloo pages, the anti rabri devi pages. Did we do anything about it when we could? I didn't. I took advantage of it when I could. Yes, I paid those traffic cops the 100 rupees. Yes, I paid those government officials a 'little something' to change some figures. Yes, I used the goddamn system. So sue me.
I don't want to suggest a solution. It doesn't make sense for me to say "Kill laloo" when he has done nothing to me. Laloo held bihar hostage. So? I don't give a damn, do I? I live in Karnataka. Not too far away from the corruption scene, but far away from Bihar. You wanna kill someone? Kill Bangarappa. He started it. To me he's a villain. But do you give a damn about Karnataka? No. So there.
We will evolve. I feel strongly about that. Yes, our country will change. Isn't it the lure of money that brought this corruption thing about? That will have to go first. Why should it take us till we are dying to realize we're not gonna take it with us....

Jahan Daal Daal Pe Soney ki Chidiya Kartee Hai Basera,
Jahan Har Kursee Pe Laloo ya koi Uske jaisa betha hai,
Jahan Har insaan ko apna ghar bharne ki fikar martee hai,
Jahan itne minister ex-docoits ya criminals reh chuke hain,
Woh Bharat Desh hai mera !!!!!

I am really surprised the people in India are still sleeping.
Why Do they have to take Laloo or Rabri. Have a revolt.
Please awake my people. These politicians will eat you, chew you
and not to mention maybe sell the country.

We know India has a lot illiterate people, but what about literates?
The so called literates don't go to vote and then see the result is in front of you.
Why blame media or any one else.

For the next elections get out and vote for someone else. Don't sit at home on the
day of election and watch TV. You need to rise and change the way things work.

Don't blame anyone else for your mistakes. Don't vote for ex-docoits or criminals.

India already has seen a lot of Lallo's (some known and some still unknown)

God bless India and Indians living there !!!!!

Laalo's Slogan (before going to jain !) : Jab tak samose mein aloo rahage tab tak Bihar main Laloo rahega ! Laloo's Slogan (after going to jain !) : Jab tak halwai ki dukan mein rabri milagi, tab tak bihar mein Rabri rahegi !!

Lallo ek number ka chor aadmi hai . Usse bada besharam politisian (Politician) hum pure duniya
me nahi dakha hai. Khud to Nanga ho hi raha hai
apni biwi ko bhi sath me nanga kar raha hai.
Are hamare desh me log striyo ki ijjat bachate hain ijjat lutate nahi hain. Laloo to sala apni
hi biwi ko bazar me nikal diya hai , sirf apni
gaddi ( kursi ) bachane ke liye.
Woh sala Bihari ke naam per kalank hai. Usko goli
mar dena chahiye.
Aaj jab desh 21 century me jaa raha hai, puri duniya hamari taraf aankh faad ke dekh rahi hai in
chutiye logon ( Lalloo ke jaise ) ke karan hamara naam kharab ho raha hai .
Saale ujjad, gawar ko goli maar do.
Mohanish Singh

Saddam Hussain approached God and asked him "When will peace return to my country ? ". God answered " You can never see peace in your country during your life time". Saddam wept bitterly and walked away. Nawaz sherrif approached God " When can I see a united Pakistan (with Kashmir) ?".
God said, " You can never annex Kashmir during your life time." Sherrif wept bitterly and walked away. Next our Laloo Prasad Yadav approached God
"When will Bihar become a civilized state ?". God wept bitterly and said "I can never see that happening even during MY life time".

Jab tak samose mein rahega aloo,
Tab tak Bihar mein rahega Laloo!

Parody of Childern's Rymes on None other than our Zero No.1. Laloo Laloo & Rabri
went up the pabari
To fetch a bail of court-er
>> >Laloo fell down
And lost his crown
And Rabri reigned ever after.
>> >
Wha Wha Black Sheep
Have you pulled the wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir,
Three bags full.
One for my fodder,
One for my dame,
And one for the CBI crying in the lanne.
>> >Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping,
Gujral bhai? Gujral bhai?
Warning bells are ringing,
Warning bells are ringing,
Going going gone.
>> >Hot cross gun,
Hot cross gun,
One a kine, two a kine,
Hot cross gun.
If you have no gangster,
Give it to your son,
One a kine, two a kine,
Hot cross gun.
>> >Little Miss Bharti,
Did a Maha-arti,
So the BJP would always hold sway.
There came a big BSP With Mayavati its USP.
And frightened Miss Bharti away.
>> >Little Lal Advani
Sat with his vahini
Taking his party's rai
He stuck out his thumb,
Hoping to pull out the plum,
And said, `Can I have a slice of Vaj-pie?'
>> >Batsman-bowler sat on the ball.
Batsman-bowler had a great fall,
All the bookies' cookies,
All the bribers' men,
Couldn't put Indian cricket
together again.
>> >Bankers and ministers,
Sold for a penny
All the swindlers are so many
The envy's green
And the CBI red's
Nail them all, and get their head,
head, head.
>> >Hey public diddle,
Each state has a fiddle,
The corruption's gone over the moon.
The people weep to see what's done
And the politician runs away with the goon.

We all people request Naxalites (PWG) to kill Lallo.

Bihar maa aloo chayga Laloo nahin !!!!!!!

What the hell does he (Lalloo, sorry aloo.., sorry whatever his name is ) think.

Tum itna Paan Kyon Khate Ho!

What is your next plan about Family Planning

aap ke baalon ka style humko bahut achha lagta hai.

Tum Bharat ki Shaan Ho!

aap jaise do chaar loog Bharat be hoonge to Bharat ka Beeda Paar Ho Jaiga.

It suddenly seems to be our national past-time to give gaalis to Laloo (and he deserves them). I would join y'all loudly and vociferously with some chosen Punjabi epithets suitably bastardised into a passable Bihari accent myself aimed at Laloo and his tribe if I felt that all this anguished response was not just a result of our collective, anglicised, middle-class, "educated" and "civilised" sense outraged at the blatant way Laloo *seems* to be making a mockery of values we profess to hold dear or the kind of public persona we seem to expect out of a public figure. Since I am as guilty of this as anybody else, let me try to put this is perspective.
Look at Narsimha Rao. The guy is urbane. Multi-linguist. "Civilised." A random, off-the-cuff charge sheet: 1984 Anti-Sikh riots. Home Minister.
Let's not talk about anything else whether it is St. Kitts, Hawala, Harshad Mehta, or anythig else. That massacre of innocent Sikhs -- what we for want of better words are constrained to call a shameful tragedy -- in which Indians were butchered with state connivance, and the way it was handled by the Home Ministry iteself deserved death sentences for not only Mr. Rao but a whole lot of other equally 'respected' leaders. Or take Babri Masjid demolition. No prizes for guessing who the P.M. then was.
The reason we are not so much against them is that they are people who talk the language you and I do. Or better. Like Rajiv Gandhi did. Young, handsome smart...the adjectives could go on. Oh, add a charming 'civilised' manner, too. And the dimpled smile. Poor guy, died. Sure, my heart bled then too. But how often did you see people of our 'backgrounds' come out as strongly as they seem to be in one voice against Laloo?
Look, I am NOT AT ALL trying to suggest that Laloo/Rabri should be forgiven/condoned/tolerated as analogus to Indira/Rajeev, MGR/Jayalalitha, NTR/Parvathi scenario. But the point is how are we the urban, rootless lot to know who is or is not qualified to run the country/state. Nor am I trying to suggest,even obliquely, that Rabri has what is takes to be an ideal CM of a state like Bihar. Infact, I think this whole arrest business and being kept in 5-star comfort at state expense is a total farce.
But the point is why are we so tolerant of other so-called "clean" leaders. Take our very "intellectual" and ineffectual -- and, aah, "helpless" -- P.M. How I wish he had admitted to being "hopeless" too! The expectations he rouses in us, the city slickers? Oh, he's basically a well-meaning man? Where did he win his Rajya Sabha seat? No prizes for guessing -- Bihar. Thanks to who? Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav. That his very presence in the Upper House is (to borrow Laloo's inimitable phrase) "furgi and fraud" is a totally different matter altogether. What seems to matter to us is that he "seems" like a "dignified statesman". Well, so would a fully frontally lobotomised moron. Laloo's main fault? That he looks ( and *is*) the quintessential "Bihari" village buffoon, caricaturised for years in our popular media -- be it Cinema or theatre. Or even college rags.
Sure we should condemn Laloo. But contrast this with the image of a merry, amoral boor who will disrupt a discussion on Marx with a Magadhi proverb and yet seem unselfconscious that the junta enjoyed-- all those executive talents that till recently were more than reason enough to celebrate are now reasons to condemn him with, viz. the rustic jokes, proverbs and audacious wisecracks, the persona of a ultra-rural cowherd who carried state power in a milkpail with utter elan and aplomb...someone who introduced in the hypoctritical pseudo-idealsitic, political culture of ours an element of hilarity. It's a political comedy with a true tragic ending. It was the same Laloo who was a national hero in the eyes of our secular media who hailed him for arresting Advani in those heady days of V.P. Singh. He's now paying the price for providing good-copy. Unlike say Sukhram who'd just mumble and be incoherent or a Ra

The worst thing that can happen on this earth is
Rabri/Lallo becoming the CM/PM of Bihar/India.
This guy is not capable of becoming a peon how can
on this earth he can become a CM/PM !!!!!!

Can anyone on this earth wishes to give a Present to India.... Kill this great ~~~hole...

...Unlike say Sukhram who'd just mumble and be incoherent or a Rao who would just pout or a Scindia who in his urbane sophisticated articulation would divert you onto something totally different. Or our Rajya Sabha MP from Bihar Mr. Statesman Prime Minister who'd probably recite you a couplet from Faiz when asked where his domicile is. These guys are experienced crooks. Laloo is an inexperienced and a more brazen one. Justice would not be done even if he's hung to death (which he won't be) and those others who deserve to be but are not. Let's be fair. And demand equitable justice for all. And remember that the financial misdoings that Laloo is at present charged with carry far less a penalty than wilfully engineering loss of human lives, that lots in the corridors of Delhi should be charged with. Oh, I should be and am ashamed of railing on almost incoherently about a subject that I thought bored me. But I think it is high time we all urbane lot in India realised that people like us form only a small fracti
of what we call India. We have no clue what the rural or non- mainstream states' problems are. It's not aimed at anyone of you, but at myself, this shame at the fact that while I may invest half an hour to ramble on about Laloo, I wouldn't even think of, say, North Eastern states or the corruption and terrorism there. Uh, unless it affects my holiday plans. Great, uh, uncorrupted natural beauty, huh? ..We have no clue what the rural or non- mainstream states'
problems are. It's not aimed at anyone of you, but at myself,
this shame at the fact that while I may invest half an hour to
ramble on about Laloo, I wouldn't even think of, say, North
Eastern states or the corruption and terrorism there. Uh, unless
it affects my holiday plans. Great, uh, uncorrupted natural
beauty, huh? ..