Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Dear fellow lovers of ustaad nusrat fateh ali case you don't know yet,the mastAero is no more.. our heart grieves for him but we ought to realize that people like him never really die,the master still lives through his music.. Great people never die,they simply fade away into the oblivion leaving us their cherished au revoir may his fans meet him in heaven... 

--Vishal Bhatia 

(as of 18th July, 1997)
CD Title Label
Allahoo Oriental Star
Ankhian Udeek Diyan Oriental Star
Back to Qawwali Long Distance
Bari Bari Oriental Star
Beh Ja Mahi Oriental Star
Bulle Shah Oriental Star
Chitthi Oriental Star
Dam Mast Qalander & Other New Hits Sirocco/EMI
The Day, the Night, the Dawn, the Dusk Real World
Devotional Songs Real World
Devotional and Love Songs Real World
Dohl Mahia Oriental Star
En Concert a Paris, vol.1, vol.2, vols3-4-5 Ocora
Greatest & Latest Hits-Shahen Shah-e-Qawwal, vol.1, vol.2 Sirocco/EMI
Greatest Hits of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, vol.1, vol.2, vol.3 Sirocco/EMI
House of Shah Oriental Star
Jani Door Gaye Oriental Star
Kali Zulfon Oriental Star
The Last Prophet Real World
Mae Nee Mae Oriental Star
Magic Touch Oriental Star
Maikadah Oriental Star
Main Jana Jogi De Naal Rhythms of the East
Marhaba Marhaba Oriental Star
Mast Qalander Oriental Star
Mighty Khan Oriental Star
Mustt Mustt Real World
Naat Oriental Star
Night Song Real World
Nit Khair Mangan Oriental Star
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & His Qawwali Party Live in New York, vol.1, vol.2 Rhythms of the East
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party, vol.1, vol.2 JVC
Qawwal & Party Oriental Star
Qawwali Rhythms of the East
Revelation Interra Records
Sanam Oriental Star
Sanso Ki Mala Oriental Star
Saqi Merer Saqi Oriental Star
Shahbaaz Real World
Shahen-Shah Real World
ShahenShah E Qawwali, vol.1, vol.2 Oriental Star
Sham Savere Oriental Star
Sikh Shabads Oriental Star
Traditional Sufi Qawwals-Live in London '89, vol.1, vol.2 Navras
Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho Oriental Star
Urdu Ghazals Oriental Star
Vird Karo Allah Oriental Star
Yadon Ke Saayay Oriental Star
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