List of the training camps of militants in POK

List of training camps in Pakistan

The ISI is sponsoring all these training centres.In Kashmir during 1990-92, 455 rocket launchers, 474 machine guns,8048 grenades , 7851 AK series rifles, 1625 mines, 2616 pistols/revolvers and 904329 ammunitation items were recovered.The rocket attack on state secreteriat in the highest security zone of Srinagar on May 12,1993, which killed two employes and caused widespread panic,is another indication of tthe success with which ISI is running terrorist activities in India.In this,it has been helped by India,s hesitancy,illegicallity and refusal to see the danger inherent in its divisive and vote-bank politics.Pakistan on the hand continues to stroke the fanatics' zeal.Prime minister Nawaz Sharief said on May 3,1992:

"The victory of Mujahideens in the Afghan Jehad,after 14 years of struggle,is the success of Islam.It will pave the way for the liberation of Kashmir which will become part of Pakistan.Thanksgiving prayers will offered by me in the mosque inof Srinagar like the one I offered in the mosque in Kabul"

The above listing was provided to me by an army retired Major.Due to security reasons his name is being kept secret.